Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kyler's 1st Birthday!

Our sweet baby boy is 1 year old! I can't believe it.. where has the time gone!

Kyler got lot of fun "Boy" toys! Finally he has trucks and balls to play with. Grams made him this cute blanket (which we picked the out the material when I was pregnant) but hey... better late than never!
Kyler didn't dig into his cake like I thought he would... He usually puts EVERYTHING into his mouth but not his cake. I guess he thought it was way too nice to ruin! He'd rather feed mom!
Kyler was so so cute for his party! He loved all of his presents (except for the clothes mom and dad gave him... he quickly picked them up and threw them on the ground).
Thanks to Becker's Bakery Kyler's cake was quite the hit of the party!
We had a delicious bbque with all the grandparents then we had all the aunts, uncles and cousins come over for cake and ice cream.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

U2 360 Cincert

This is the stage... it takes 48 semi's to transport it around the country, 4 days to set up, and 1500+ stage crew. It is known as the claw. But uhhh.. I was a bit disappointed with it.
This picture is for Gentry. He took me to the Pop Mart Tour in the 90's and started my love for the band. Gent, do you know what song they are playing?!?
The one and only Bono.. Yeah baby! The screen was quite incredible! It had over 5000 pixels and separated into individual pieces. Nothing like seeing a Bono on a Mega-tron!
After the concert at the very top. It was beautiful weather!
I got Darren U2 tickets for our anniversary this year. We had a great time :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We got Lagoon Season Passes this year, and we have already been twice. Breanne LOVES to ride all the rides!
This is Darren's favorite ride.
Justin got a season pass with us! We are so glad he did because he is a big help with the kids and he loves to ride the scary rides with Darren.
We brought our lunch and had a picnic on the grass the first time we went. The second time we bought lunch in the park and wow was it expensive! We are going to have to to the picnic thing every time for now on!
Yup.. this is me and Breanne on the Bat. She is a crazy Lagoon rider! She will try any ride. We even took her on the Wild Mouse even though she was about 1/2 inch too short.
Look close... Breanne is on this crazy ride too! This is the new Bombora it is a family friendly rollercoster. It's Bre's favorite. She refuses to go on Puff though, which we found it is because the first time we were there we told her it is a baby coster and she doesn't want to go on baby rides! ok.. whatever floats your boat!
Even Kyler gets to go on the Merry-go-round and the Farris Wheel! What a big boy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 31st Buddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy! We celebrated his b-day on Saturday, and if any of you know Darren you know that Birthdays are a BIG DEAL!! So I had lots of fun things planned, but they all seem to get foiled! The weather was bad and with trying to plan babysitters everything seems to be off schedule. But we still had fun.
Breanne had 2 special presents for her daddy that she even wrapped herself!
Darren has been wanting a new 'nice (aka: expensive)' pillow for a long time... So here he is testing it out to make sure it passed the test. The first night he slept with it he informed me that it wasn't good enough. He is a pillow Natzi!
Breanne was SO good about keeping all of his presents a surprise. He asked her everyday to tell him what she was getting, but her lips were sealed! She called this one a snow blower for the garden... silly girl!
Happy 31st Birthday! Thanks for being such a good daddy and husband!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breanne and Kyler

I can't believe it! Where is the time going? Breanne is 4 years and Kyler is 6 months old. Are they not the cutest brother and sister ever! This picture says a lot, Breanne is such an amazing sister and Kyler just thinks she is the coolest! In his eyes she can do no wrong. The love they have for each other at this young age is simply incredible to see.
Sweet Siblings!
We have been doing a tie pose ever since this little guy was a new born.. and now look at him, he is sitting up all by himself. Before we know it the tie will actually be fitting him! STOP GROWING! :-)
Our little Handsome!
Mackay (Breanne's great grandma) made this beautiful dress for her birthday.
This was actually the best photo shoot we have had of her since she was a baby... Of course we had to bribe her with a barbie and going to Olive Garden after (which is her very favorite place to eat) But hey, whatever works.
My baby girl is no long a baby. She has turned into a beautiful little girl. I love being her mommy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breanne's Luau Birthday Party

Since we had only been home from Hawaii for 4 days, we decided to do a Hawaiian Luau for Breanne's 4th Birthday Party. She loved it! And it was nice because we were able to bring some 'authentic Hawaiian' things home to help us celebrate!
Quite the greed fest! It looked worse than Christmas (that was only 2 months ago).
Breanne's traditional cupcake cake. Complete with a 'shake your hips-Hawaiian girl' and fresh Hawaiian flowers!
Happy Birthday Breanne!--- I can't believe my baby girl is 4 years old!
We played pin the coconut on the coconut tree.. Breanne was frustrated because she wanted to win, but could not see where to put the coconut! Obviously she missed the whole point of the game! Everyone else liked it though!
All of Breanne's favorite friends eating Hawaiian haystacks at her party.
Breanne and her very own hula girl!
We can't forget Kyler... He too was all decked out it his new Hawaiian shirt ready to party with his big sister!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Darren's nature shots

Darren took alot of nature shots in Hawaii with our new nifty camera. Here are a few of his favorites:
This was taken on our hotel room balcony on the west side of Oahu.

The camera has the ability to take seven shots in a row for action situations. Here is a whale tail he was able to get.
This was a pond at the Dole Pineapple plantation. In it, they have a botanical garden full of awesome flowers and stuff. This is cool because the water seems to blur.
This lilly pad was far away and so the shot was taken with a bigger lens.
What a pretty place. This is the Byodo-in temple located on the east side of Oahu.

Darren's favorite flower.